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A Text link Site Map is an important aid to site navigation.

Creating a text site map is easy with HoTMetaL PRO:

  1. Create all the pages you need for your site, leaving this page as-is until you are ready to publish
  2. Open this document in HoTMetaL PRO
  3. Open Windows Explorer, arranging the HoTMetaL PRO and Windows Explorer windows so that you can see the open document.
  4. Find your website's root folder in Windows Explorer; this is the folder on your computer where your site's main Index.htm page is stored (don't open the site folder; just go to the folder where the site folder resides)
  5. Click the secondary mouse button on your site root folder, and select "Find" from the popup menu
  6. In the space labelled "Named:", type "*.htm*" and click "Find Now"; This will give you a list of all the HTML files in your site.
  7. Press CTRL-A to select all the files in the Found files list
  8. Drag all the files onto the open document in HoTMetaL PRO, and the link page will be created.

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